18 January 2024

12 European cities

Belarusian fighters going to meet in Polish, Czech
German and Lithuanian cities.

For a long time, the regiment has been fighting mainly with the help of Belarusians, most of whom live abroad. Representatives of the regiment want to use public meetings to get to know these people and thank them personally.

Besides, one of the priorities of the regiment's activities is openness. Meetings in different European cities are one of the elements of this openness. The warriors will be ready to answer any questions.

The representatives of the regiment would also like to talk with Belarusians about the future of Belarus and how we can bring the changes in our country closer together. Many Belarusians who have left the country because of political persecution are pinning their hopes on the regiment to help them return. But we can only free our country together!

The place and time of the meetings in different European cities will be published on the social networks of the Kalinouski Regiment shortly before the events. If you have any questions regarding the meetings with the soldiers of the regiment, please send an email to: [email protected]

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