09 April 2024

National Unity day of Georgia

We want to celebrate a National Unity day of Georgia to our Georgian fighters standing alongside us in Ukraine, defending  freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine against Russian aggression.

1989 April 9th commemorates the peaceful demonstration in 1989 when Georgians rallied in Tbilisi to demand independence from the Soviet Union.

This day,  known as the April tragedy or Tbilisi Massacre, was a pivotal moment in Georgia's journey towards sovereignty and democracy. Despite facing violent suppression from Soviet forces, the courage and resilience of the Georgian people prevailed, sparking a movement that ultimately led to the restoration of Georgia's independence in 1991.

National Unity Day serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for Georgia's freedom. It is a day to honor the memory of the brave individuals who stood up for their rights and to reaffirm Georgia’s commitment to independence, democracy, and national unity. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten, and their memory will continue to inspire us as we press forward in our battle against Russian occupation.

On this day, we honor the legacy of April 9th and the ongoing struggle for freedom!

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