25 March 2024

Kalinouski regiment address to free belarusians

On 25 March, Belarusians celebrated the 106th anniversary of the independence of the Belarusian People's Republic. Some call it Freedom Day, others Independence Day. In 1918, Belarusians declared to the whole world that we are one nation and that Belarus is a free and independent country.

We, Belarusians, are volunteers, warriors of the Kastus Kalinouski Regiment, free people, former officials, industrialists, sportspeople, managers, computer scientists, teachers, doctors; those who have been interested in politics and those who have not; those who have war experience and those who are just gaining it; People of different ages, ideologies, experiences and interests, but united by love and respect for their country and hatred for the brutal regime of the Belarusian authorities and their support for Russian aggression, we are launching a nationwide mobilization campaign.

Recently we summarized the results of the regiment's development over the past two years. And we were convinced that Kalinouski's regiment has become one of the most capable national units in the Russian war. Lukashenka only fears us. We have a well-developed system of supply, logistics, training and cyber defence. We have enough weapons and ammunition. We have enough tasks on the battlefield and not only on the battlefield. But the most important thing is that we have created a sophisticated command. Having gained a lot of experience in defending Ukraine since 2014, our commanders are now able to expand their combat units, train and supervise a large number of fighters.

We are sure that every Belarusian will find his place in the regiment. With our development infrastructure, you will be able to realise the opportunities you now have: in medicine, logistics and data processing, automation and digitalisation of work processes, IT products, repair of cars and weapons, electrical services, garrison service, and more. In combat areas, there are jobs for UAV operators and pilots, explosives engineers, sappers, grenade throwers, machine gunners, shooters, gun-layers, snipers, etc.

Remember. The only way to join the Regiment is to apply through a special bot.  From this day on, applications will be accepted in new and only official bots, which can only be found on the official web resources of the Regiment. The security of the data is guaranteed by Cyber Partisans.

An address to the free Belarusians of the world from the regiment recruit Pavel "Dziadzka" Shurmei, a former member of the Belarusian national rowing team, Olympic champion, world champion, and record holder.

For foreigners who have served in professional armed forces,  Kastus Kalinowski Regiment is initiating additional recruitment for the Kosciuszko Unit.  It consists mainly of citizens of the European Union and the USA. 

Candidates with no military experience and no knowledge of English are not accepted into the unit. Candidates' political views, race or gender are not taken into account. However, foreign volunteers must not hold pro-Putin views and must recognise the rights of the Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples to freedom and democracy. Candidates wishing to join the battalion must meet all the above criteria and fill in a form on our website.

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