15 March 2024

The Kalinouski Regiment has started to produce mortars

The Kalinouski Regiment has started to produce its own mortars and is looking for new volunteers for further and more interesting tasks. The first mortar gun was  tested in 2023. But only now have the developers revealed some details.

In every day work work, the mortars use all of regiment`s units. But like any weapon, mortars have their own operating time "Given the high intensity of events, we can say that there is a definite shortage of mortars. Wear and tear is a global problem," they say.

The development of the regiment was intended to partially solve this problem: to cover its own needs and become less dependent on arms supplies.

"As far as I know, no one else has done this. The technology was as follows: the barrel was made from scratch from a special alloy for military use, the base was a drawing of a Czech mortar, the supporter and other parts were taken from a Soviet mortar. This approach allows us to produce new mortars with a range of up to 7 kilometres in a short time and at low cost," says Zoltán, documenting the mortar production technology.

In addition to combat operations, the Kalinouski Regiment provides space for the development of individual skills that are difficult to realise in civilian life. That is why we invite you to join us - there are places and interesting tasks for everyone," says Dzianis Kit Prokharau, the regiment's team leader.

Video with english subtitles


You can find out about the current vacancies by following this link: https://bel.army/recruits/
Foreigners can apply to the English-speaking unit at https://bel.army/KASCIUSKA/

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