17 March 2024

New members join Kastus Kalinouski regiment

Another group of recruits graduated from the training camp. As part of the ceremony, they received their military certificates and weapons. This is the final step for recruits who have completed basic training and signed a contract with the Armed Forces. They are now ready for technical and combat mission, as well as more in-depth training in the field.

To see what it was like, check out the latest photos from the initiation ceremony

Before the ceremony, weapons and military certificates are prepared on the parade ground

Commander Dzianis Kit Prokharau reads the recruits ' oath. "Belarus! I swear to liberate and defend you where I am now and where my destiny will lead me," he says in his oath.

Recruits receive military certificates.

The soldiers take the weapons from the hands of the regimental commander.

The call "Belarus lives!" with the hand over the heart is shouted loudly by every Belarusian who receives a weapon. "Long live Belarus!" they collectively reply all the people.

Hip, an ex-officer of the Belarusian army, found a large-scale war in Georgia: "I still have plans to go to Belarus. Not via Poland, but directly from here".

Kupala said that all his life he wanted to be in the military field. He met the beginning of the war in one of the countries of the EU.



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