25 January 2024

The Kalinousky Regiment is now recruiting foreigners

Military experience, knowledge of English and anti-Putin views are the criteria for selection into this foreign unit.

The Kastus Kalinowski Regiment is initiating additional recruitment for the Kosciuszko Unit. This military unit was previously known as the Western Unit. It consists mainly of citizens of the European Union and the USA. Only foreigners who have served in professional armed forces are eligible to become soldiers.

Candidates with no military experience and no knowledge of English are not accepted into the unit. Candidates' political views, race or gender are not taken into account. However, foreign volunteers must not hold pro-Putin views and must recognise the rights of the Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples to freedom and democracy.

"We are inspired by Tadeusz Kosciuszko, who became a national hero in Belarus, Lithuania, the USA, Poland and an honorary citizen of France. He fought against the Russian Empire for the Belarusian, Polish and Ukrainian peoples and on the side of the USA in the War of Independence. That is why the battalion was named after him," says the unit commander.

Candidates wishing to join the battalion must meet all the above criteria and fill in a form on our website.

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