26 January 2024

Czech president eager to meet Kalinouski warriors

Representatives of the Kalinouski Regiment continue their visits to European cities. Volunteers from the regiment are meeting with Belarusian activists and local politicians. Today in Prague they met with Czech journalist and philosopher Pyotr Hlaváček and a group of Czech MPs. After the meeting, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, Mark Janiszek, wrote on his page in the blog: "These heroes are my hope that evil will be defeated"

The deputies also expressed the greetings of Czech President Petr Paul to the Belarusian soldiers. He would have liked to take part in the meeting of MPs with Belarusian activists, but due to his schedule he was unable to do so. However, he invited the Belarusians to a meeting before their next visit to the Czech Republic.

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