19 November 2022

"Busly" destroy the enemies

The Kalinouski Regiment has a UAV unit named after Nikita Kryutsov, which has already entered the game!

The guys conduct reconnaissance, fire adjustment and bombardment of enemy positions and equipment.

In this battle, the unit calculated the tanks of the occupants, gave the coordinates of the artillery and adjusted the fire, thanks to which two tanks were destroyed.

Two more tanks of the enemy, the regimental unit of the Kryutsov UAV bombarded with its own forces!

A total of 30 infantry units of the occupiers were destroyed during the battle.

The video intercepted the negotiations of the orcs!

The unit is developing and preparing for new victories!

You can join the UAV regimental unit through the chatbot: @BelarusAndUkraineBot with the hashtag #БПЛА_МК

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