09 January 2023

Weekly news 02.01-8.01.2023 (№28)

Combat tasks of the battalions of the Kalinouski Regiment

Last week, the UAV regimental unit named after Nikita Kryutsov continued reconnaissance on a designated section of the front. At the moment, the warriors are on a combat mission, the results of which we will cover later.

Part of the "Litvin" battalion changed its direction and now performs combat tasks in the east of Ukraine together with the "Volat" battalion. The second part of the "Litvin" battalion remains on the other part of the front.

Last week turned out to be very intence for the "Volat" battalion. Soldiers conducted assault operations, carried out counteroffensive actions, participated in joint combat tasks with units of the Armed Forces. Mortar units worked on the manpower of the enemy with AGS, LNG and mortar.

Last week there were no losses in the Regiment, but unfortunately there were wounded.

The mayor of Zhytomyr region visited the front positions of the Regiment in Bakhmut

Just a few weeks ago, representatives of the Kalinouski Regiment held a meeting with the leadership of the Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration. And just before the new year, the mayor of Zhytomyr visited the front positions of the Regiment in Bakhmut. He hand over pickup truck, sets of winter uniforms, generators, and a drone. We thanks for the help and appreciate it when promises are more than just words.

Recruitment of drivers in the Kalinouski Regiment

Last week, the recruitment of drivers for the Kalinouski Regiment was announced. Details can be found in our news.

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