19 May 2023

Details of the combat operation

There was an opportunity to disclose the details of the combat operation, during which our brothers died.

Warriors of the Kalinouski Regiment of the Volat Battalion held positions in Bakhmut. Our guys repelled the assault of the invaders and fought a shooting battle. The enemy's large-caliber artillery fired at the house in which our group was located. A building collapsed. Some of our fighters were buried under the rubble.

The second group, together with the medics, moved forward for evacuation and assistance. Four soldiers remained under the rubble without the possibility of their evacuation.

At the moment of evacuation and covering the departure of the group, the commander of the group was killed. At the cost of his life, he enabled the evacuation of the wounded.

Later, a third group was sent to clear the rubble and evacuate the bodies of the dead. Due to heavy fire and continued artillery fire, the building was completely destroyed. The fighting continues, there is currently no opportunity to take the bodies of the heroes.

This is all the information we can provide right now.

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